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Message Series

Many times in life we can start to lose focus. Busyness, distractions and circumstances can blindside us. This series seeks to help us get what is important back In Focus.
In Focus
What is this whole deal about? Your Christian life? Church? We are saved to serve And our nature should be to influence our world. God has given us a mission in the world – are we on track?
Quite simply the Christian life is all about Jesus. This 7 week series gets back to basics and looks in detail at Jesus, His life and message. The series is based on Mark Driscoll's book Vintage Jesus.
Simply Jesus
In recent years we saw the movie starring Will Smith titles the Pursuit of Happiness. About a guy struggling to look after his kid and break into a high powered financial job. At the end of the movie he succeeds in his goal and finds happiness. For many people however reaching their chosen goal what ever that is does not always seem to end in a continual place of happiness.
The Pursuit of Happiness